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Here's what everyone needs to know about "plant growth lights" in the plant lighting industry


1. During 2018-2020, the market of plant lighting is mainly affected by the rapid growth of hemp market, and the trend of specialized market is also developing from Indoor market to Greenhouse market.

2. The brand only theory of lamp bead chip is not the healthy development direction of plant planting. After the efficiency of lamp bead reaches 2.0, the significance of blindly pursuing the improvement of parameters for planting is not very great.

3. Do plant lamp, we must know what is "light" first. The response between light energy and receptors is what plants need to study.

4. Spectrum is not the best, only the most appropriate. On the basis of a certain light quality condition, the light quantity > light quality, that is, the same spectrum, the planting effect will be improved after increasing the power. However, one of the major advantages of LED plant lights is energy saving. For practical applications, LED plant growth lights can make plants absorb the highest efficiency and waste the least energy.

5. Plants have strong adaptability (different from animals, animals have migration). The first generation and the second generation will be different, so in this case, the requirements for lighting and planting environment will also be different.

6. The equipment has parameter attributes, and it is not reliable to evaluate the quality of the plant lamp by self perception without talking about parameters and light color.

7. Plant light spectrum technology -- planting technology spectrum technology (core technology) -- planting conditions

Light - PPFD

Light quality -- SPD, spectral morphology

Photoperiod - bright period, dark period

Dose - DLA

8. Only by mastering DLA can we discuss the planting technology, and only by stable planting technology can we realize the industrialization of planting.

9. Difference between DLA and DLI:

(1) DLI - the dose of sunlight - geographical location

(2) DLA - artificial light dose - light source design

Calculation formula: DLA=0.0036 X ppFD X-ray period (hour) [unit: mol/m2d]

10. The energy supply mode changes the traditional planting technology, and the planting quality and planting cycle become the goals.

11. Three elements of planting technology and spectral technology:

Germplasm (object) -- DLA (energy) -- Environment (condition)

Under the same germplasm and the same environment, the least spectral component is the best. Energy saving! Highest energy efficiency!

12. Plants absorb only 13% of the sunlight, and the green light band in the sunlight is very sufficient. If the greenhouse is supplemented with light, in the design of the plant lamp, the spectral component does not contain part of the green light band, so as to save energy consumption.

13. Light has no color, white light does not exist.